Blender Fluids in Cinema 4d

Recently I had the time (thanks to my boss, who was on a longer business journey) to experiment with Blender Fluids. I am a total noob when it comes to Blender and I have tried to get a first grip to this 3d application in the past, but always felt completely lost in the userinterface. This time it all went a bit smoother. I dunno why. I watched 4 nice video-tutorials which help to understand Blenders interface. I didnt feel that lost anymore. :-)

So I started to play around with the fluids in Blender.

Fluids are cool. They are fun. Cinema 4D has absolutely no fluids yet, so I was interested in combining Blenders Fluids with Cinema 4D. The connection is possible but not satisfying yet.

  1. Model your scene in C4D
  2. Export it via Wavefront obj. format
  3. Import the scene in Blender
  4. Set up the Fluids in Blender (define the fluid, the simulation space, the obstacles, …)
  5. Render the simulation (and take a walk in the meantime 😉 )
  6. Export the Fluids as an animated mesh in .obj format, this will give you one file for every frame
  7. Import all the files in C4d via the contentbrowser
  8. Use this script which sets all fluid meshes invisible, excluding the mesh fo r the particular frame

The big drawback is the memory-usage. You’ll need a lot of ram to render a halfway decent simulation. This is because all fluid meshes are loaded into the memory at once, even the meshes which are not used at a particular frame. A plugin or skript which loads only the mesh which is needed at the current frame would do the trick here and allow for more complex scenes. But I couldnt find one so far.

Watch my fluids animation here (Fluids: Blender, Rendering: Cinema 4D):

5 thoughts on “Blender Fluids in Cinema 4d”

  1. hello~~

    “import-mesh-xpress.c4d” download link doesn work

    would you please send me that one please~~~~~

    thank you~~~ ^^

  2. Hello! I used your fluid container with version 12 of cinema 4d. It works great. The only problem I have is when I try to put Cinema materials on the fluid. The fluid stays its deflault gray color. How can I change to material to anything I want, whether it be cinema 4d materials or blender materials.

    Thank you

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