Fade in Fade Out


Sometimes you may come across the simple need of fading an object in or out. The first idea a new user usually gets is to use the Transparency Channel of a Material. That’s a bad choice because you’ll very likely use the material on several objects and they will all be affected then. Or your object has more than one material and so every material channel has to be manipulated. Until we don’t have support for a node based material system in Cinema 4D this isn’t the way to go. And honestly fading an object in or out shouldn’t be done by changing material attributes.

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Control your Shadows


Recently I came across the following problem in C4D: an object in a building had to cast shadows everywhere except for one wall. The “special” wall would receive shadows from other objects, but shouldn’t show any trace of a shadow of my particular object.

This sounds more simple as it is to do in C4D. Read on for my solution.

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Animation Export from Cinema 4D to Blender


In the last days I had the time to dig into the topic “animation export”. Here is what I found out. First I have to say that I work on a Windows Computer and many of the following tips are only valid for the windows platform, because of the absence of some plugins on the Apple platform. Sorry. Not my fault. I work with Cinema R11, but the plugins I use in the following short tutorial are a bit older, so they should work with older versions of C4D, too.

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Blender Fluids in Cinema 4D : The next Step


In my post from last year I have described in a summarized way how to use the fluid simulation of Blender with Cinema 4D. My conclusion at that time was that it is doable but you run into limits every way you turn, mainly because of the huge memory consumption caused by loading all frames of the animation into a c4d scene at once.

In the last weeks I had some time to play with Blender Fluids again.

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Blender Fluids in Cinema 4d

Recently I had the time (thanks to my boss, who was on a longer business journey) to experiment with Blender Fluids. I am a total noob when it comes to Blender and I have tried to get a first grip to this 3d application in the past, but always felt completely lost in the userinterface. This time it all went a bit smoother. I dunno why. I watched 4 nice video-tutorials which help to understand Blenders interface. I didnt feel that lost anymore. :-)

So I started to play around with the fluids in Blender.

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